Alkaline Diet Promotes Weight Loss

24 Jul

Do you know that the alkalinity or acidity of the body influences your body’s metabolism? You may have weight problems and maintaining the right pH of your body may help in losing some pounds. Zero pH is totally acidic while a pH 14 is totally alkaline. The alkalinity or acidity varies in every system.

The stomach, for example, has a pH of 1.35-3.5 while that of the blood ranges from 7.35 to 7.45. The acidic nature of the stomach aids for a better digestion. Let us look closely on a diet plan that can help you with your weight problems.

What’s Alkaline Diet?

This is becoming a trend in weight loss that attracted many Hollywood personalities. It is believed to be effective not only in losing weight but also in maintaining good health. The concept of alkaline diet is that taking foods that help in maintaining the ideal pH may improve overall health. The body, on its own, maintains a balance regardless of your diet. For instance, food may affect your urine’s pH level but it does not affect that of the blood.

What’s Allowed in an Alkaline Diet?

This type of diet is like that of vegetarianism. Aside from vegies and fresh fruits, other foods that can promote alkalinity are legumes, soy products, grains and nuts. You may be discouraged to take acid-promoting foods such as poultry, fish, caffeine, meat, white flour, dairy products and white sugar. Experts say that this diet is essentially healthy. Have you wondered why most vegetarians are fit and lean? Alkaline diet does the work.

Healthy Blood Equals Healthy Metabolism

Some health experts believe that our body controls pH. No matter what we eat, it maintains the pH ranging from 7.35 to 7.45. However, a diet of vegetables and fruits, drinking plenty of water and avoiding coffee, alcohol and processed foods are all good for the health. In this type of diet, you can develop healthy blood cells that determine the efficiency of digestion and metabolism in general. This is the significant link between alkaline diet and weight loss.

Effective Oxygenation

The blood carries oxygen to the cells and organs of the body. An effective oxygenation improves fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism. This allows your body to utilize the food that you take including stored fats. Alkaline diet helps in the formation of healthy red blood cells with good oxygen carrying capacity. If you want to stay fit or lose weight, you must be friends with your metabolism.

Low Fat and Low Calorie Diet

In Alkaline diet, you are loading the body with doses of fiber that helps in eliminating fat and cholesterol in the blood. Fatty foods like fries and pork do not belong to the list of recommended foods in alkaline diet. This means you are shunning fatteners. Adapting this diet program can make you stay free from high calorie and high fat foods.

Are you stuck with the old diet plan that starves you to make you lose weight? Alkaline diet can give you many health benefits other than having your ideal body weight.

Together with diet plan, you may try diet pills adding to your daily plan to help you lose more weight effectively.

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