Diet Plans: So You Want to be a Model?

5 Nov

There a people who go on a diet because they want to lose those extra pounds.  Most men go on a diet plan in order to keep their body fit and their muscles lean and well-toned.  Girls on the other hand are inspired to have their own “model body”.  That’s the reason why a lot of girls wanted to be skinnier than how they look at the present.

Calorie Jot Down

As absurd as it may sound, most models would prefer to take note of the food items that they had eaten for the day.  Some even take note of the amount of calories the food has!  Somehow, this type of diet plan is actually helpful if one plans to know how much one is consuming.  If one sees that she is eating too much then she could easily cut down on her calories.

“I’m Depressed, I wanna EAT!”

Most girls can relate well with this line.  Girls tend to eat more when they get depressed.  What’s worse is that the “happy food” that they usually eat are those that are very unhealthy; examples are cakes, ice creams and chocolates!  It would be better if one feels depress, one could just do other activity such as running, swimming or other activities that could help one keep the mind off the depression.

Steer of the Fry

No one ever said about fried foods being healthy.  It has always been “fried foods are not healthy” but it seems that due to the tastiness of fried foods, it’s a bit difficult to stay away from it.  But since you want to have a body fit for a model then it’s best to start steering away from fried foods starting NOW!


Frozen fruits are a great help when one wants to increase the body’s metabolism.  Always keep frozen fruits in the fridge and eat them during the day.  Unlike fruits in normal temperature, eating cold fruits usually take a longer time therefore it is easier to realize if your stomach is already full or not.  Also when taking in cold food items, the body would spend more energy in order to keep the body warm.  Therefore this tip is indeed efficient if one wishes to burn those excess calories.

Spice Spice Baby

What most people do not know about spicy food is that it helps the body speed up the metabolism.  It also makes you feel “full”  easily thus allowing you to avoid other food items present on the table.  However, one must be careful because some spicy foods being served in restaurants contains a lot of calories.

Water is Free

Lastly, always keep your body hydrated.  By drinking 8 glasses of water a day, one can help get rid of toxins and keep your body healthy.  Drinking cold water, like eating cold fruits, can also help one burn more calories so that the body could be kept warm again. 

These are the just a couple of tips and tricks that models with a rocking body use in order to maintain their shape.  It is easy to do but quite difficult to maintain.  But if those models could do it then so can you!

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