Simple and Feasible Diet Plans

12 Jan

Going on a diet seems to be a little tricky for most of the people.   One would usually be able to start a diet but after a day or two, he/she would stop the diet plan and go back to their normal eating habits.  Then, it is in this case the people who wants to go on a diet realizes that this particular lifestyle does not only require one to eat the right kind of food, but it also needs a lot of discipline and determination as well.    However, diet plans does not only entail a person to eat less amount of food, it could also mean to allow your body digest at a certain rate that even if one eats any food, he/she would not gain any weight.  Below are some tips that may help one increase their body metabolism:

Drink Lots of Water

One may have heard that drinking eight glasses of water a day (approximately 2 Liters) is healthy for you.  Well indeed, it is!  Keeping your body well hydrated would help you rid of toxins and would also help you in metabolizing those extra flab.  What’s more cool is to drink COLD water! Cold water helps the body release more energy in order to warm it. 

Do Not Starve Yourself

Many people actually think that by not eating, they will not gain extra pounds.  Well, in some sort, this is true however it is not a healthy routine in the long run.  It had been studied that when one’s body goes into a “starved mode”, the body’s metabolism starts to decrease.  In this regard, there will also be a slower usage of fats which in turn slows down one’s plan to lose weight!  The key in eating is to DO NOT OVER EAT.  Most of the time, the fat that the body tends to store comes from the excess carbohydrates and fats that we eat. 

As Much As Possible, Decrease Alcohol Intake

This may not sound fun for a lot of dieters but decreasing the amount of alcohol that one takes could actually help in speeding up the body’s metabolism.  It was found out that when alcohol is present in the body, it actually decreases its metabolism thus making it difficult for the body to burn extra fat.  No wonder those who are moderate to heavy alcohol drinkers tend to be more flabby (especially on the belly) than those who rarely drink alcohol at all.

Green Tea

A couple of TV advertisements about products that contain green tea extracts would tell the viewers that this extract is actually a good anti-oxidant.  Well, it certainly is!  But what most people do not know is that green tea could also help in speeding up the body’s metabolism by regulating the body’s sugar levels.  Green teas can be easily found anywhere and is very affordable.  You may get one know and try it for yourself.

There you have it, those are the four simple but feasible diet plans that one can try if one wishes to lose weight.  It’s so easy to do and more easy to maintain. 

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